The aims and objectives of the Association are:

To develop a feeling of pride towards the accomplishments of François Séguin and his descendants in America;

To bring together as many descendants as possible of our common ancestor François, through social, cultural and genealogical gatherings;
To seek and distribute information on historical and genealogical facts about our ancestors through conferences, special meetings and exhibitions;
To foster and promote family reunions by helping to organize historical rallies, barbecues and family brunches;
To publish twice a year a news letter for the members of the Association and to manage a web site to make our Association known and report our different activities;
To build a comprehensive list of publications related to the history of the large Séguin family and to promote the publication and distribution of articles written by our members relating to the Séguin family;
To keep an inventory of souvenir objects with the logo of the Association;
To keep increasing our genealogical data bank on the Séguin descendants and to keep writing and photos archives to publish genealogical articles;
To help Séguin, Seguin, Seyuin, Sayah, Sawer, Sigouin and Saillant who have common ancestors in Canada, United-States, France and other countries to meet together through letters, trips or cultural exchanges.