Genealogy of JOSEPH SÉGUIN


Joseph Séguin

Jeanne Gourdeau

(son of Marc-Antoine & Gabrielle Picard)

(daughter of Nicolas & Jeanne Boibien)

n 00-00-1709 FR

n 00-00-1711 FR

d 08-04-1766 Québec QC

d 19-01-1736 Pacy FR


m1 17-01-1735 Pacy-sur-Armançon FR (Yonne)

Child :

1. Madeleine

n et b 13-12-1735 Pacy-sur-Armançon FR (Yonne)


Joseph Séguin

Madeleine Dorion

(son of Marc-Antoine & Gabrielle Picard)

(daughter of Jean-Cl & Madeleine Chapeau)

n 00-00-1709 FR

n 25-09-1720 Québec QC

d 08-04-1766 Québec QC

d 18-10-1741 Québec QC

m2 19-06-1741 Québec QC (Hôpital-général)

cm 23-05-1741 notary Pinguet


Joseph Séguin

Thérèse Jourdain

(son of Marc-Antoine & Gabrielle Picard)

(daughter of Pierre & Catherine Aide/Créquis)

n 00-00-1709 FR

n 29-07-1726 Québec QC

d 08-04-1766 Québec QC

d 25-05-1807 Québec QC

m3 05-10-1744 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)
cm 21-07-1744 notary Pinguet


1. Charles-Joseph

n et b 27-09-1745 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)


2. Jean-Baptiste

n 03 b 04-03-1747 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

d 04 s 05-08-1748 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)


3. Françoise-Geneviève

n et b 19-01-1749 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

d 10 s 11-02-1749 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)


4. Geneviève-Thérèse

n 12 b 13-09-1750 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

m 29-10-1776 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

c Jacques Pinguet (Nicolas & Madeleine Marcou)


5. Emmanuel

n et b 05-05-1752 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

m 13-01-1778 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

c Madeleine Monier (Joseph & Marie-Anne Sylvestre)


6. Catherine-Marguerite

n et b 23-01-1754 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

d 16 s 17-09-1755 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)


7. Nicolas

n et b 04-04-1755 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

m 09-09-1782 Beaumont QC (St-Etienne)

c Angélique Girard (Charles-François & Josephte Roy)


8. Jacques-Philippe

n 02 b 03-05-1757 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

d 29 s 30-05-1757 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)


9. Louis-Antoine

n et b 07-07-1758 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

m1 19-05-1785 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

c Elisabeth Voyer (Michel-François & Charlotte Morin)

m2 26-08-1816 Lachenaie QC (St-Charles)

c Angélique Guérin (Bertrand & Marguerite Filiatreault)


10. Charles

n 20 b 21-11-1759 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

d 17 s 18-12-1759 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)


11. Marie-Françoise

n 18 b 19-01-1761 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)


12. Charles

n 05 b 06-08-1764 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

13. Marie-Thérèse

n 23 b 24-01-1766 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

d 27 s 28-02-1766 Québec QC (Notre-Dame)

Abbreviations :

b = born

c = spouse

cm = marriage contract

d = death

m = marriage

n = birth

s = sepulchre

St Saint

Ste Sainte

1. 2. 3. 4. (etc.) = children

(...&...) name of parents

1 first marriage

2 second marriage

3 third marriage (etc...)

The place of origin of Joseph Séguin

As a genealogist, I was interested at the origin of all the Séguin ancestors. Seven French person with the name of Séguin came to Nouvelle-France. François Séguin dit Ladéroute, originating from Pays de Bray, is the ancestor of almost all Séguin in Canada (95 %). There are also the others. I want to share with you my research on the origin of the ancestor Joseph Séguin who married in Québec in 1741 and who gave a very small descendent especially in Saint-Méthode in the Lac St-Jean region, in La Tuque in Mauricie region, few families in Québec city and in Montréal, QC and only one in Rhode Island. See the descendents by marriages in "Séguinière", volume 5, number 1, page 9.

My research initially related to two documents and two publications:

-         In the marriage certificate at the General Hospital of Québec on June 19, 1741, Joseph Séguin is known as originating in Passi in Bourgogne.

-         In the marriage contract of the clerk's office of the notary Jacques Pinguet on May 23, 1741, Joseph Séguin is known as originating in Passy in Burgundy.

-         We find in Dictionnaire National des Canadiens Français 1608-1760 of the Institut Drouin, on page 1227: Joseph SEGUIN son of Antoine and Gabrielle Picard of Pacy-sur-Armançon, diocese of Langres, Champagne.

-         Norman Robert in "Nos origines en France, vol. 9, p. 101", locates Passy in the diocese of Mâcon in Burgundy.

-         Who is right? Is the place of origin of Joseph Séguin Passi, Passy or Pacy-sur-Armançon?

-         Initially, I tried to locate the limits of the diocese of Langres of before 1789. By superimposing the chart of the limits of the dioceses of the Ancien Régime of the Kingdom of France (see: From the manuscript to the computer, published in 1980 under the direction of Hubert Charbonneau and André Larose, page 159) with a chart on the same scale of the current departments we ascertain that this diocese overlaps the departments of Aube, Côte d’Or, Haute-Marne and Yonne. By traversing the toponymic repertories, the IGN maps and the map of Cassini of this area thus delimited by this diocese, we note that only one locality answers our toponym: Passi or Pacy. As in the Topographic Dictionary of the Department of Yonne by Mr. Max. Quantin, one can read on page 95 as Pacy (Pacy-on-Armançon) was, before 1789, of the diocese of Langres. Please note that under the Ancien Régime the borders of the provinces often changed with the mood of the Dukes and the Princes of the Kingdom of France. All that to direct my research on Pacy-sur-Armançon, canton of Ancy-le-franc, department of Yonne (89).

-         The register of Pacy-sur-Armançon begins only in 1722 and we know that Joseph Séguin would have been born around 1709 according to his burial deed in Québec on April 9, 1766; it is said that he is 56 years old and at the census of 1744, he stated to be 35 years old. Thus the baptismal certificate would be recorded elsewhere. It should not be forgotten that his parents were dead at the time of his marriage in Québec in 1741. By viewing the microfilm of this parish, in the Centre of family history of the Church of Jesus-Christ of the Saints of the Last Days in Gatineau (QC), I located the burial deed of Marc-Antoine Seguin.

-         And a little further, there was the marriage certificate of Joseph Séguin with Jeanne Bourdeau

-         Then would our ancestor have been married before his arrival in Nouvelle-France? However there is no indication in the documents in Québec about a preceding marriage. Let us continue our research: indeed the couple baptized a child in December of the same year and a month later Jeanne Bourdeau, wife of Joseph Séguin is buried in the cemetery of Pacy,

-         Let us summarize: Pacy-sur-Armançon is the correct place of origin of Joseph Séguin, son of Marc-Antoine (Antoine) and Gabrielle Picard. His father is deceased in 1729, twelve years before his first marriage in Québec. Joseph Séguin married once in France, at Pacy-sur-Armançon, with Jeanne Bourdeau who died one year after their union. While continuing with the same microfilm, I discovered that Joseph had a sister; Jeanne, daughter of Marc Antoine Seguin and Gabrielle Picard who married Marc Antoine Delinne at Pacy on January 22, 1742.

-         Hoping to find the baptismal certificate of Joseph, I sought in a neighbouring parish whose registers are older. At Argenteuil-sur-Armançon, the registers begin in 1598, 124 years before Pacy. I did not find there the baptismal certificate of Joseph but another sister and a brother were baptized there in 1702 and 1704 respectively. And believe me, the dream of any genealogist of a family association, there were Séguins everywhere, a true seedbed of Séguins, which I call a true Séguinière. Already in 1599 we find the existence of a Gérard Seguin. I could go up the filiations of the ancestor Joseph Séguin to his great-grandfather married in 1630, thanks to the baptismal certificate of his father Marc Antoine and especially from information on burial deed of his grandfather Luc Seguin.

-         My research is not finished, some questions remain unanswered, but I am proud finally to have the proof of the place of origin of Joseph Séguin the ancestor of Séguins of the Lac-St-Jean region.

André Séguin (Gatineau)


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