Call for nomination of a candidate to receive a "François"

We all know a special member of the family whose talents, commitments, creativity and tenacity are extraordinary. These people are the source of admiration and inspiration for their families, however their exceptional achievements are not always acknowledged and recognized by the big SÉGUIN Family.

The Association invites its members to nominate a candidate, alive or deceased, by forwarding a biography and other related documents outlining why this person is worthy of such an honour. This person will have had to have distinguished himself/herself in the following fields: arts, volunteering, bravery, culture, education, ethnology, folklore, genealogy, language, trade, patrimony, society, sports, family life.

The conditions/requirements for a person to receive a "François" are

  • the candidate must be a Séguin or the child of a female Séguin.

  • the candidate must be nominated by a member, in good standing, of the Association.

  • the candidate must have accomplished a deed worthy of mention.

  • the candidate must be exemplary for the "Séguin" in the field for which he/she is to be recognized.

  • the nominator should submit a biography of the candidate and other pertinent documents supporting the nomination.

  • the candidate must agree to have his/her biography published by the Association in whole or in part.

  • submissions must be received before January 31 to be eligible for the annual meeting in the current year. The other submissions will be carried forward for consideration in the following year.

  • if the candidate is deceased, the honours will be given to the family (the person responsible for the nomination, providing he/she is a member of the family).

  •  the members of the Board of Directors are not eligible to submit a nomination.


For information on this subject, you can communicate with the Association and submit your nomination by forwarding a biography and other pertinent documents justifying your request to 15, rue Jacqueline, Rigaud (QC) J0P 1P0 Canada

Don't forget our motto " Strength and Generosity"

In a large family such as ours, it is important to help and support each other and to recognize the qualities and accomplishments of its members.

At a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Association, on November 15, 1998, the administrators have formed a committee to recognize a Séguin who has accomplished something praiseworthy.

On June 6, 1999, in Rigaud, QC, this trophy was designated as the “FRANÇOIS” trophy. It comes with a special certificate and is presented during our annual meeting. The “FRANÇOIS” trophy was designed by Marcel H. Séguin, member #513.

The trophy on the right is are permanent trophy, where all of the past awardees are mentioned.

The first “FRANÇOIS” trophies were given during the 2000 annual meeting to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Association in Rigaud, QC, on August 18, 2000.

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