In olden days, the Coat of Arms of a family was mostly a symbolic emblem or mark of honor and dignity and was only bestowed on nobility. In 778, Emperor Charlemagne raised the first Seguin mentioned in history to the rank of noble. He named him Count of Bordeaux. He also made him Count and Duke of the Gascons. His Coat of Arms was described as:

De gueules, à la grille de dix pièces d'or, à l'écusson d'argent posé en abyme,
au chevron d'azur, accompagné de trois coquilles aussi d'azur.

We found the Coat of Arms of many noble Seguin families in different provinces of France, but our ancestor, François Séguin dit Ladéroute, did not have any. That is the reason why l’Association des Séguin d’Amérique voted to adopt the following one in Rigaud in 1990.

Heraldic description of the
Coat of Arms of our Association


Silver with a band joined to six transverse bars accompanied on the right side
with a fleur de lys, entirely azure.


The background of the escutcheon is silver (white) while the fleur de lys, the band and the transverse bars are azure (blue).

The shape of the escutcheon is French from the XVth century.

The fleur de lys and the color blue symbolize France of the ancient regime (our mother country).

The central band represents the Atlantic Ocean which our ancestors crossed to come to America.

The six transverse bars represent the first six Séguins who established themselves in Nouvelle-France (Charles, François, Guillaume, Jacques, Jean and Joseph).

They also represent the first concessions granted in the Seigneurie Des Iles Percées by the Seigneur de Boucherville, Pierre Boucher. One of those grants was made to François Séguin dit Laderoute, the ancestor of most of the Séguins in America. François Séguin was a weaver by trade and the transverse bars may represent François Séguin's trade.

Two essential values, important to-day as much as they were yesterday, that our ancestors believed in and that we still respect. It is also a link to the Séguin etymology which signifies «Amoureux de la victoire» (Lover of victory).

The original design of the Coat of Arms of our Association was created by André Séguin #006, our genealogist and the motto was proposed by Gérald Séguin #716.

Official proclamation of
our Coat of Arms

The official proclamation of the Coat of Arms of l'Association des Séguin d'Amérique took place in Rigaud, (QC), on August 18, 2000 during the annual meeting of our members.

Madame Claire Boudreau, héraut d'armes of Saguenay, representing Héraut d'Armes of Canada, Monsieur Robert Watt, presented the official Coat of Arms to the president of the Association, Madame Yolande Séguin-Pharand, and to the designer of the Coat of Arms, our genealogist, Monsieur André Séguin.

We are quite proud to mention that the Coat of Arms of our Association has been chosen as an example in the catalogue titled: Granting and Registering Armorial Bearings in Canada

Our Motto


Two essential values, as important to-day as much as they were in the past, which our ancestors believe in and that we still respect. It is also a link to the Séguin etymology which means «Amoureux de la victoire» (Lover of victory).