Recognition by a trophy «BERGER»

' ' Received from the Crook ' '




The purpose of the trophy is to show appreciation for the services rendered to the Association of the Séguin of America.

The presentation of the decoration demonstrates the gratitude of the Board of directors towards one of its members.

By this honorary gesture, the Board wishes to emphasize the "strength and generosity" of the recipient. This is a good example for any other board member and its committees. He is also a good ambassador for the Association.

On June 6, 1999 in Rigaud, Quebec, the name of «BERGER» was chosen as the name of the trophy. It is accompanied by a certificate and presented at our annual gathering.

The trophy «BERGER» is a design by Mr. Marcel H. Séguin, member 513.


A-    Reasoning behind the name le «BERGER»

  • The guardian of the sheep is a shepherd

  • Like a shepherd, this person attended on the goods and the functioning of the Association

  • Generous, he does not count his hours in fulfilling his mission

  • With strength, he defended the interest of the Associations

  • Always ready to accomplish more

  • He is ready to come back if necessary


B-    Crook

  • Stick of the shepherd, indispensable tool of the guardian of the heard (the good shepherd uses it to guide and defend his ‘’protégé’’

  • The shepherd is very proud of it and always keeps it near him

  • The crook given to the shepherd is especially made for him

  • Unique, this object given to the honoured person, will have signs of the facts accomplished during his reign and will be considered as a piece of art.


The conditions to receive a trophy «BERGER» are as follows:

  • Have contributed to the development of our Association;

  • Have completed two terms of office of three years or more as a board member or five years within a committee of the Association;

  • Have been a good example for other members of our Association;

  • Have completed his or her share of duties during his or her tenure with the board or one of its committees;

  • Be prepared to help put the Association back on its feet, in the case that the survival of the Association would be questioned.




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