Mrs. Yolande Séguin-Pharand
first président and co-founder of
L'Association des Séguin d'Amérique


During its annual meeting of August 19, 2000, in Rigaud, QC, L'Association des Séguin d'Amérique awarded the first two "FRANÇOIS" of its history to people who were models and who have excelled in very different fields. That award was created to recognize the work of a Séguin, whether a member or not of our Association. Since then, you are invited each year to submit the name of a person who is a model in your family so that he or she may be eligible to receive a "FRANÇOIS".

In 2000, the committee proposed a new award. Through this decoration, the Board of Governors wishes to recognize and underline the services rendered to the Association by one of its members. Mme Yolande Séguin-Pharand is the first person chosen to receive the "BERGER" award.

Since the very beginning of l'Association des Séguin d'Amérique, this lady has devoted her time and energy for the good of its members. Like a good shepherd she has led them with a guiding hand. It is with emotion that the president, Mr Pierre Paul Séguin has presented her the shepherd's crook in the name of all our members.

Our sincere congratulations to Mme Séguin-Pharand #001 for an honor she well deserves.

First recipient of the «Berger» award:
Mrs. Yolande Séguin -Pharand

On April 29, 1990, a dream became reality: l'Association des Séguin d'Amérique was born in Rigaud, QC, the birth place of many members of this large family.

Mrs. Yolande Séguin-Pharand was its first instigator; because of her love of family roots and traditions and mainly because of her interest in past history, we could not have chosen a better president. Her complete involvement at the head of our Association lasted over ten years during which she organized two important trips to France among all her other endeavors.

While on those two trips, she had to speak to local, municipal and even national authorities. Always seeking perfection, she was quite exacting in her presentations. In France, she made new friends, important ones even... for instance, Mr Philippe Seguin, a member of parliament who has remained a great friend. On one occasion, while Mr Seguin was in Canada, giving some courses at U.Q.A.M., he went to a dinner meeting with her in Boucherville in spite of a very busy schedule. His secretary had to change his schedule so he could be at that meeting.

Mrs. Séguin-Pharand has participated in many projects: annual meetings, La Séguinière, choice of our motto, acceptation of our Coat of Arms, the 'FRANÇOIS" committee and many others.

Mme Yolande Séguin-Pharand has chaired the Board of Governors with steadiness even through rough seas sometimes. Strong waves do not frighten her since she prefers action to calm. She left the presidency, not because she ran out of ideas, but to give the Association a new breath of life. She remains for us a sure guide, a lighthouse and a “BERGÈRE”, a shepherd who is vigilant, benevolent and always available.

After more than twelve years of existence, l’Association des Séguin d’Amérique is officially acknowledging the volunteer work done by one of its member sitting on the Board of Governors and on some of its committees. During her ten year mandate as president, l’Association des Séguin d’Amérique has become one of the best genealogical association in Canada.

For all those accomplishments, the members of the Board of Governors of l'Association des Séguin d'Amérique are happy to honor her with the first award of the "BERGER".

On August 18, 2002, in Les Cèdres, our president Pierre Paul Séguin declared: "Mme Séguin-Pharand, you who have served the members of our Association with FORCE AND GENEROSITY, as a sign of respect from all the members of the Board, I hand you the crook of the "BERGER". Then, Marcel-H. Séguin, our vice-president, presented her with a personalized "BERGER" trophy; it was then followed by the presentation of an official certificate by the secretary, Raymond-J. Séguin.

Mrs. Yolande Séguin-Pharand, a thousand thanks for your enthusiasm and a special thank you for having shared it with us all with FORCE AND GENEROSITY.

We will remember the Chinese proverb you like to repeat so often: “To forget one's ancestors is to become a spring without its source, a tree without its roots...”

Mrs. Yolande Séguin-Pharand accepts the first "BERGER" award...

Dear parents, dear friends,

To be the recipient of this trophy filled me with pride. It is also the occasion for me to conclude the personal evaluation of those past years, marked by annual meetings and interesting trips. In spite of small difficulties along the way, I mostly remember gatherings filled with genuine friendship.

First I want to thank the organizing committee. I know by experience the degree of attention spent to study a candidacy. Many thanks also to the members of the Board of Governors for their approval.

I wish to thank each of you for believing in this great adventure and for supporting it through all those years. It is thanks to you if the Association des Séguin d'Amérique is flourishing today.

Therefore, I say "mission accomplished" and a long life with " strength and generosity" to the Association des Séguin d'Amérique.

Thanks to all.


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