Here is a short history of our Association as well as some details of our beginnings in 1990.

L’Association des Séguin d’Amérique began when two persons cherishing a dream met in Rigaud, (QC). André Séguin wanted to publish a directory of marriages of all known Séguin families. Mme Yolande Séguin-Pharand hoped to meet all the descendants of François Séguin dit Ladéroute and his wife Jeanne Petit.

In April 1990, André Séguin gave a conference in Rigaud, in front of more than 200 persons. Following this meeting, a committee of 14 persons was established to plan the first gathering of Séguin families.

On August 16, 1990, in Rigaud, (QC), L’Association des Séguin d’Amérique was officially founded.

Since then, the Board of Governors, its committee members and countless volunteers have managed to:

  • Organize an unforgettable gathering in Boucherville, QC, in 1992 to commemorate the 320th wedding anniversary of François Séguin and Jeanne Petit;

  • Invite its members and friends to 28 annual meetings in 11 different cities;

  • Install two commemorative plaques: one on the site of François Séguin’s first property in Boucherville and one in the church of Saint-Aubin-en-Bray, France, where François was baptized;

  • And most of all, organize three fantastic trips to France in 1993, 1997 and 2001.