Annual meeting of the Association of the Séguin d’Amérique (ASA)

Welcome to Rigaud, Quebec, Saturday, September 26 2015

10, St-Jean-Baptiste Street, Rigaud, Quebec

Saturday, September 26

9 h - Doors will open to welcome you and you will be able to visit different exhibits until 17h00. A registration table will be labelled for you to sign in and receive greetings.

11 h to 12 h The Annual Meeting will be held at the same location.

12 h to 13 - h Lunch on your own. Various restaurants are located nearby; the names and addresses of these will be supplied to you in the welcoming package.

13 h 30 to 17 h - For those interested, an historic bus tour to Perrot Island, Vaudreuil-Dorion and St-Lazare will be provided. Please reserve if you will partake in this tour as we need a minimum number of people to book the bus. We have selected sites that are easily accessible. Weather permitting, we will visit a certain type of garden. A bit of a surprise! Hence comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

17 h to 18 h 30 - Free time for appetisers, Coffee Corner and social time.

18 h 30 - A hot meal will be served in the Pierre-Brasseur hall and will be followed by live entertainment provided by Martin Houle, son of Gisele Séguin.

You will find space in the hall for what we call a Coffee Corner. A Board Member will be there to gather your ideas about the future of the Association... There is some discussion about a trip to France in 2016. Would that be of interest to you? Would you be willing to receive the magazine La Séguinière by e-mail rather than a hard copy through Canada Post? How can we find more people to write and submit magazine articles? Do we have enough article editors and translators for the coming years? Please note that in 2017, Boucherville will be hosting us for their 350th anniversary. Please bring your questions and your comments as we need them for our promising future.

Annual meeting of the Association of the Séguin d’Amérique (ASA)

Welcome to Clarence-Rockland, Ontario. 21, 22, 23 of June 2013

In 1868 a mill was built by William Cameron Edwards on the Outaouais river, followed by a train station for the Grand Trunk Railroad, in 1888. Edward who owned the lumber cutting rights in the region, was the first builder. He named the town as he did because of the region’s rock formations. The town of Clarence-Rockland is the result of two entities joined into one on January 1st. 1998. It covers the original Rockland and the old township of Clarence which included the villages of Bourget, Hammond, St-Pascal-Baylon, Clarence-Point, Clarence Creek, Cheney and Forest Hill. The town has a population of more than 21 000 inhabitants, of which 75% are francophones.


The meetings and the Friday night event will be held at the River Rock Inn, where we have negotiated a special rate for you.When reserving do not forget to mention the group number 130621A in order to obtain the special rate.

The date limit for the reservations is the 22nd of May, 2013.

River Rock Inn, 2808, Chamberland St., Rockland, Ontario K4K 0B2
Telephone: 1-613-446-6710 or withour charge 1-855-446-6710
Price: Single or double occupancy - 114 $ tx not included
For each additional person - 10 $ tx not included

Another places: Motel Champlain Plantagenet, On (613)673-5220 ou 1-866-673-5220 (free). On route 174, 22 minutes from Rockland. Price simple or double:80 $ and 100$ txes not included.

Ottawa: L’Hotel Chimo situated 1199, rue Joseph Cyr. About 25 minutes from Rockland. (613) 744-1060. Price 135 $ -180 $ txs included.

(date limit 22 may 2013)

Program june 21,22,23 2013

At the River Rock Inn, 2808 Chamberland St., Rockland Ontario

Friday June 21:

9:30 am. to 4:30 pm. 687 Laurier street, Rockland.
An optional visit of the Clarence-Rockland museum for the early arrivals.
5:00 pm. Registration at the Inn.
Supper on your own.
8:00 pm. Storyteller Marc Scott

Saturday June 22:

9:00 am. to 10:00 am. Registration at the inn
10:00 am. to 11:00 am. Annual meeting
11:00 am to 1:30 pm Lunch on your if you don’t take le guided tours
11:00 am to 1:00 pm Lunch at Maison Xin
1:30 pm. to 3:00 pm. Guided tours Ferme Malo St-Pascal Baylon
6:30 pm. Dinner - Hot meal (menu available in June)
8:00 pm. The awarding of trophies and other tokens of recognition, followed by an evening with Louis and Célyne Séguin.
Option - A visit of the museum between 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm

Sunday June 23:

10:00 am. Mass at the Holy Trinity church in Rockland.
11:00 am. to 12:30 pm. Guided tour of the church and rectory, both recognized as historical sites.
Option: A visit of the museum between 1:00 pm. and 4:30 pm.
Lunch on your own. - Have a safe return home!


20th Annual Gathering 2010

Rigaud, QC 9 and 10 of October, 2010


Rigaud was the birthplace of the Association des Séguin d’Amérique.  We took our first steps there and it was fitting that we celebrate our 20th anniversary in that spot.

Nature’s beautiful colors during this thanksgiving weekend added to the celebration.  The mountain resembled a flowered garden inviting the Séguin’s appreciation. 

Saturday morning was spent in friendly meetings.  What a pleasure to get together once again!  We visited different booths:  genealogy, La Séguinière and souvenir items.

One booth drew my attention.  André Quesnel produced a DVD which relates the history of the Rising who became Raizenne’s.  Their posterity is very important.  In another booth there is a DVD for sale which was prepared by Jean Dion which contains the first 75 copies of La Séguinière.

We also had the good idea of asking the Séguin’s for a display of  family photos, ancient writings, family trees, etc., all of which were shown on posters.  

To stretch our legs and become aware of the different sources of Séguin’s from Rigaud, Pauline Séguin-Garçon #034 prepared a walking rally.  She had to be well informed to do so.  Over sixty Séguin’s participated.

It is now suppertime.  The five-course banquet was served by the St. Henri Sugar shack from Ste. Marthe.  The Séguin’s were well satisfied. During the meal, Louis Séguin, musician and singer, and his daughter Celine sang songs that we like to sing.  They continued during the evening.

The moment we had been anxiously anticipating arrived – the giving of the “François” awards.  We learned at the end of a short biography that Sister Thérèse Séguin, Sister of St. Anne, won this honor.  This big-hearted and devoted woman spent a large part of her life in Haiti, her second home.  The Haitians who knew her loved her dearly.  You can read the write-up on Sister Thérèse in this Séguinière.

Another surprise is in store.  We wanted to honor five Seguin’s who kept the Séguinière alive.  They received a lovely frame which certified that they are models for the greater Séguin family to imitate and that they have excelled in the publishing of the journal.  The recipients were:

Pauline Séguin-Garçon #034 who inherited a large part of the workload left by the deceased Raymond Séguin #002.  She is responsible for the journal running well as well as its contents.  This is a demanding responsibility. 

Yolande Séguin-Pharand #001, first president and founder of the association, is a great help due to her experience and memories.

 Gisèle Tranchemontagne-Lefebvre #005 is a Séguin on both sides from her mother and her paternal grandmother.  She has journalistic experience and we enjoy her articles. 

 Claire Séguin Dorais #191 researches the Séguin’s from original sources and her work is always professional and meticulous.  She is also a literary and artistic critic.

 Adhémar Séguin #030 writes a few articles and like the previous four, corrects texts for the Séguinière.  This French teacher gives judicious advice to the team.

The journal team thanks the members of the council and recognition committee of the ASA for their token of appreciation.

Many Seguin’s attended mass on Sunday morning at Ste. Madeleine church in Rigaud.  Reverend Rolland Demers presided.  In his sermon, the pastor asked the Séguin’s to thank God for what they received and to use their talents to contribute to society.

A general meeting was held after mass.  The president, Nicole Séguin #253, led the assembly.  She requested a moment of silence in memory of those who are no longer with us.  The treasurer, Lucette Séguin #1060, followed with a financial statement that included a small surplus.  She also acknowledged that expenses are constantly increasing.

Pauline Séguin-Garçon would like to attract young people to the association.  Please send us your ideas!

We enjoyed the presence of Jeanne Petit (Carmen Séguin of Stratford, ON) and François Séguin (Gérard Séguin of Val-des-Monts).

Many thanks and congratulations to Jacqueline Séguin #012 and her team who organized this memorable weekend.

For the first time we know the date and place of the next general meeting. The president, Nicole Séguin, invites us all to her place in Trois-Rivières on July 16, 2011.  Please reserve this weekend. 

Adhémar Séguin #030

Translation: Margaret Endacott-Séguin#142




Annual gathering 2009

La Calèche - Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC

 August 14-16, 2009




Jeanne Petit (Huguette Séguin-Huneault #1111) et

François Séguin (Gilles Chartrand #915)


Annual Reunion 2009

For the second time, the Séguin’s of America are getting together at La Calèche in Sainte-Agathe des Monts, in the Laurentides. The place is charming and the ambiance always excellent. The Séguin’s are very happy to find themselves here again. How wonderful it is to meet those Séguin’s who come from the four corners of the horizon; Québec, Ontario, New-Brunswick, and the United States. What a great family!

The reception of Friday the 14th is warm. The ‘happy hour’ makes the Séguin’s more talkative. In the evening, we leave to go for an evening out to “Le Patriote” theater. The play: “Scissors stabbings”, is a police interactive comedy. A person, on the second floor of a beauty parlor has been murdered; we are looking for the guilty party. Coming back from the intermission, they ask the spectators if they have found something dodgy. This interaction makes the play livelier.

The most important part of our three days takes place on Saturday afternoon. The rules of the association stipulate that a general reunion takes place each year. Due to our president, Nicole Séguin #253, who leads the assembly with conviction, the reunion goes quite fast! First, one minute of silence to remember this past year’s deceased and, more so, for our genealogist, André Séguin #006. The president recites a prayer composed by Marcel H. Séguin #513.

Then, it is time for the reports of all the committees. “It was a satisfying year”, says the president, despite the big changes caused by the loss of very important members.

Following, the treasury, Lucette Séguin #1060, presents her positive balance sheet, despite the loss of many members who forget to pay their membership. The best way not to forget would be to become a life member; in four years, you become a winner.

Pauline Séguin-Garçon #034, of La Séguinière, is asking, and insisting, on getting more correspondents from various regions. Let us not forget that our journal is the bond that keeps us united.

Gilles Chartrand, of the souvenirs committee, is trying to sell promotional articles before ordering new ones.

The Board of Directors has enriched itself with two new members: Gisèle Tranchemontagne-Lefebvre #005, and Alberta Séguin #301. Our continuity is guaranteed!

In our eyes, the most important is coming; it is the handing over of the “François” and the “Berger” trophies.

One “François” is awarded to Lionel Séguin of Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Qc. This ¨Séguin¨ has devoted himself body and soul in his municipality, in the social and sporting clubs. The teenagers owe him a great deal. Congratulations, Lionel!

This year, the Association is awarding two “Bergers”. The first one is awarded to Jacqueline Séguin #012, who is working as a board member and with various different committees since the beginning of the Association. For the last two years, she added the mailing of our journal to her regular work. We hope she will keep her saying: “Here, I am, I believe in it, I will stay”. Congratulations!

The Association awards the second “Berger” to our regretted genealogist, André Séguin #006, who put more than ten years to gathered all the data to publish the Genealogic Dictionary of the Séguin’s. The master of ceremony said it took all of his courage to announce the posthumous “Berger” of André Séguin.

The “Bergers” trophies are unique pieces and are made by Marcel H. Séguin. Each one of them is adapted to the person and all of them have a meaning. Thank you, Marcel! All have appreciated the humble and serious decorum of the ceremony. Thank you to Réjean Séguin #265, and his committee.

And on Saturday; Oh, what an evening! Louis Séguin, musical keyboard player, and his daughter, Céline, have sung the most various songs to please all the people there. What magnificent voices! Louis knows how to manipulate his instrument to perfection. The Seguin’s, helped by a very dynamic master of ceremony, Daniel Mercile, are dancing to their taste. A few nice voices between the Séguin’s have added a little bit of spice. Memorable evening!!!

On Sunday, the Séguin’s can play various social games and the goodbye lunch ends all activities. Thank you to the organizing committee and to the authorities of La Calèche, who know so well how to greet their guests.

Next year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Association of the Séguin’s of America, the annual reunion will take place in Rigaud, the cradle of the Association. That enchanting place will have the pleasure of greeting you at the period of the autumn colors. See you next year!

Adhémar Séguin #030
Traduit par Albert Séguin#301





Annual gathering 2008

Chimo Hotel - Ottawa, ON August 8-10, 2008

This year, the meeting was held at the Chimo hotel,  in the national capital of Ottawa. More than one hundred Séguin took part to reinforce the ties and celebrate. One moment filled with emotion was handing-over the “FRANÇOIS”. Réjean Séguin #265 the candidates, sister Aline Séguin and Colette Séguin #800 with a biograhy. All our congratulations to these two selected members.

The evening entertainment by Louis Séguin, clavierist/singer and his daughter Céline, singer was a success. The Board is planning a trip to Louisiana in 2009. If you are interested in participating, contact us. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the association in 2010. The 2009 meeting remains to be determined, more information will follow in the upcoming weeks, visit our page “the Expresses News”.


Annual gathering 2007
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts - QC, August 24-26, 2007


The next annual meeting of the Association des Séguin d’Amérique will take place at the Inn “La Calèche” of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC. Members and non-members are invited and reservations are preferable.

You have two options: a 3-days fixed price or a visit on Saturday.

The fixed price includes two night, six meals, an evening-theatre (in French) and an evening-spectacle (in French).

The visit can be complemented with the supper and spectacle (in French).

The particular attractions of the meeting are:


1) Friday August 24th at 3 pm, Jeanne Petit and François Séguin greet us for their 335th marriage anniversary, and at 6 pm, supper followed by an evening at the theatre (in French) "Tiens ça mort" with Claude Michaud and Michel Dumont.


2) Saturday August 25th at 10 am, "History and genealogy" exchange, at 1:30 pm, the annual general assembly of the Association des Séguin d’Amérique, and at 6 pm, supper and evening-spectacle (in French) "Les jumeaux ‘’.


3) Sunday August 26th at 9:15 am, mass and fraternization, and at 1:30 pm, the Board of directors meets with the participants.

To reserve or obtain additional information, please communicate with Pierre Paul at 613-446-5056 or .

Annual gathering 2005
at Sainte-Adèle, QC

After Fifteen years of existence, the Association is celebrating. Thanks to the volunteers and you members, the Association des Séguin d'Amérique is still strong and growing. At the 2005 annual gathering, the Séguin will celebrate in splendor at Le Manoir Alpine de Sainte-Adèle on August 26th to the 28th.

The Manor Alpine is a luxurious log cabin in the Laurentides, close to the North River, about 80 kilometers north of Montreal. This part of the Laurentides was cleared during the great depression. The government encouraged people without employment to go up north. Priest Labelle, deputy minister of colonization, largely contributed to the establishment of the colonists in "les pays d’en haut", as the old saying goes.

Tthe commitee planned to keep our 150 participants busy for three days. On Friday evening,  a lot of fun to see a comedy at  the theatre the Patriot of Ste-Agathe-des-Monts “A man in the taxi is worth two of them”. We laughed from the beginning to the end.

Saturday morning was devoted to a visit of the surroundings of Saint-Sauveur and Sainte-Agathe by the ways of the back country.

We held the general Assembly Saturdays afternoon. The president, Pierre-Paul Séguin # 368, welcomed the  many Séguin present. The persons in charge of the various committees presented encouraging reports/ratios. The treasurer, Raymond Séguin # 002, presented a positive report/ratio in spite of the costs which increase unceasingly. The Board is always in the search of new administrators, and is delighted for the addition of  two new members to the Board.

One highlight during this meeting was the launch of the second Genealogical Dictionary of Séguin conceived by André Séguin # 006. Note, the first edition was presented at the 2002  gathering at Les Cèdres. The new edition has an additional forty pages.  A Genealogical Dictionary is never entirely up to date; new births or deaths occur. If you are aware of new facts, please forward the information to our genealogist. Thank you, Andre, for your good work.

One very awaited moment is the distribution of “FRANÇOIS” and “BERGER”. Réjean-E. Séguin #265 briantly introduced these well deserved recipients.

The “FRANÇOIS” is offered to a Séguin descendant which demonstrated an examplar behavior in their field.

The 1st “FRANÇOIS” was dedicated to Ms. Cécile-Marie Séguin-Tyl #634 from Connecticut, USA. A musician, she is very dedicated to the choir of her city parish.  For ten years, Cécile and her husband have never missed our annual gathering and took part in all the trips sponsored by the Association in France. Our congratulations, Cécile.

Another “FRANÇOIS” was given to Jean-Rhéal Séguin # 712 of St-Pascal Baylon, Ontario. A proud and exemplary man in his field, he made sure to pass on his sound values to his 13 children. By his example, he has transmitted his love of nature, language and  faith. His devotion in the community is worth the admiration and the respect of all. In spite of his advanced age, he still maintains the fgarden of the church. For all these considerations, Jean-Rhéal deserves this honor given by the Association that can testifies for him. Congratulations.

Recently, the Board honours one Séguin who has contributed exceptionally in the Association. This person receives a “BERGER”. Our recipient was not difficult to find. Who, more than Raymond Séguin # 002, has worked more for the Association. A pioneer at the Board, Not only has he scrupulously dealt with the Association finances, he has single-handly the journal La Séguinière with all the work that implies. A great organizer of the annual gatherings, he sees that all goes smooth and well. He maintains the bonds with America and Europe via emails which require much time. Raymond, thank you!

Saturday night is also a success. Claude Desrochers, singer and entertaiment  except, succeeded in making the Séguin sing and dance. It was a great choice and a happy moment to have this artist.

Sunday morning, Andre Séguin #006 our genealogist,  showed a presentation to the gathering that sums up facts, meetings and trips in France. Once again, a diligent piece of work.



At the annual meeting, it is always a happy time to meet well known and new people; this is why, it is important and so interesting to attend these meetings.

This year, the two organizers Jacqueline Séguin #012 and Bernard Séguin # 340 almost made a miracle. They are certainly adept negotiators: two nights, six excellent meals (and the brunch Sunday!) a play and the Saturday evening: all that,  at a very decent cost. So much time, planning and detail it took  to make this meeting such a success! Thank you to both of you.

With the anticipated pleasure to meet you at our next gathering in Embrun, Ontario, next June (2006).

Adhémar Séguin # 030 Pincourt, QC


Annual gathering of the Séguin d'Amérique

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on August 28, 2004

15th edition

We invite you to travel with images to our annual meeting by viewing this album of 125 photographs in diaporama format. The images change automatically every ten seconds.

Click here to start the diaporama.

Annual gathering in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

August 28, 2004


Photograph of the group taken during the meeting.

The annual gathering offers a formidable occasion to meet with the  Séguin d'Amérique. Indeed, some comes from the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and even from the United States. All these people are happy to see each other. This year, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu had the honor to host the Séguin family.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is a small town at about twenty kilometers south of Montreal. It is located on the banks of the Richelieu river which receives water of the lake Champlain. Moreover this city is in the middle of the most productive land of Quebec

For those that went  by the bus ileaving from Hawkesbury, the meeting had already started on board with singing  and listening to stories that are supposed to be true.

Our patient driver, François Séguin #970, directs with address his immense bus guided by the cicerone Nicole Poulin, president of the Center of history of Saint-Jean. It is the Loyal supporters (American who wanted to remain faithful to the Crown of England at the time of the independence of the United States) that founded Saint-Jean. Some victorian buildings still remains. and are being  renovated. The channel of Chambly which skirts the Richelieu river has been important  for the import/export with the United States. Johannais had to roll up their sleeves when the company Singer, (sewing machines), moved to the United States. The federal government also struck a hard blow by closing the military College. However the" International of the Montgolfiers" which takes place in August brings a positive note. Moreover Johannais knew to take up the challenges; they developed other manufacturing activities and industry.


Blazon made of metal and wood given as a gift to

Raymond Séguin #002, treasurer since the foundation of Association.

The president, Pierre-Paul Séguin # 368, welcomes the participants. Report/ratio from the president and the head of the various committees shows that the Association is healthy. The board of directors needs five more members. A call upon the Séguin is addressed. Then an excellent supper follows.

The 140 Séguin present await impatiently the presentation of the "FRANÇOIS": a recognition for a Séguin that made a mark and example.

The first member elected is Father Edouard Séguin #144. This generous man devoted his life teaching at the College of Rigaud. It is with great emotion that the Father Séguin receives his FRANÇOIS. After many photographs, Father Séguin reveals to us some interesting details of his life. His many nephews and nieces are present for the event. Our congratulations to Father Séguin. You will find a short biography of Father Séguin in The Séguinière on page 15.

The second member selected is a young artist who knows already a great fame: Yannick Nézet-Séguin. Initially a concert pianist, he studies to be a director  orchestra which propels him among the large leaders. The Séguin would have liked to meet it; being retained in Europe, his sister, Sylviane Séguin, receives the FRANÇOIS on his behalf (see Séguinière on page 17).

After the FRANCOIS ceremony, our genealogist Andre Séguin #006, author of the dictionary of Séguin, presents a diaporama on our origins and the life of the Association. It is good to renew our memories which tend to be forgotten. I allow myself to wish, in the name of the éguin, to repeat this initiative.

After such a successful day, we could not leave without some dance steps. Wishing to meet next year at the Manoir Alpine â Ste-Adèle to celebrate the Association 15th anniversary. Our thanks to André Séguin #261 and his team who prepared this memorable day.

Adhémar Séguin #030




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